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Ignite Innovation helps smart companies like yours get a boost.

 The complete solution for your company

We have been working to align smart companies like yours with various government grants and incentives since 2006. We can guide you through the various rules and regulations and help you maximise the government assistance available to your business.

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Your business is in good hands with us

As your business grows, so does the demand and we want to be with you all the way. Through us, you can gain access to our 360-degree business solutions, with our dream team of experts working alongside you. This powerful combination of specialists, trusted partners, potent tools, and processes is designed to help your business grow and accelerate. You can be assured that your business will see results with us.

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10 Years of Experience

You're working with the best in the business with experience from large enterprise to startups.


Highly Valuable Inputs

Our grant consultants are very capable, able to provide you with individualised strategies that fit your context best.


Expert Tax Agents by Trade

We're the whole package. We know how to get the little things right without losing sight of the bigger picture.

 Reach your business goals faster

Often businesses want to do so much more but are limited by the current resources available. With the assistance of Australian government grants, this will accelerate your ideas and your business growth.


Are you missing out on government funding?

Don't underestimate your eligibility


Many business owners discount themselves from Government Business Grants thinking that they’re not eligible. Did you know that over 15,000 Australian businesses are given funding annually? You could be one of them! If you want to find out if you're eligible, talk to our Innovation Team and start your journey to Government Funding today!

Check Your Grant Eligibility

Our accreditations

The accreditations we hold allow us to remain on the forefront of professional development and sector innovation. We uphold the highest standards in both our business practices and service delivery to ensure integrity and quality of work across all our business divisions.

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The Tax Institute
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 Cross industry experience

From finance and government grants to consulting, we have provided our services to almost every industry across Australia and overseas. Every customer's story is unique and we ensure through our professional network and experienced experts we deliver our business services to the highest standards.

The latest grants news and updates

Download our introduction pack to learn more

We understand that you've probably got lots to do right now, so we've created a handy information booklet so you can take it 'offline' and read at your leisure.

Inside you will find basic information on grants that we specialise in, including:

  • Research & Development Tax Incentive
  • Export Market Development Grant
  • Other Australian Government grants we've worked with