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Our intelligent bot Grant is designed to ask you a range of questions relating to your research and development project, or export market development project. Upon completion, your responses will be analysed to determine your eligibility for the tax incentive.

You could be building a new product, process, software, technology or even a service which could make your business eligible for over 40% of your expenses refundable. You may also be promoting your product overseas, incurred travel costs or general marketing spend around the world entitling you to the export market development grant.

Let's get started by checking your eligibility, clicking either the "Check R&D Eligibility" or "Check EMDG Eligibility" button within the chat window to start, or you can ask Grant questions by typing in the message box.


R&D requirements

  • For-profit organisations operating within Australia.
  • Have created something new and unique, could be a product or service.
  • Must have conducted experimentation.
  • Spent a minimum $20,000.00 AUD on R&D.

EMDG requirements

  • Must be an Australian resident entity.
  • Annual turnover of less than $50 million AUD.
  • Must have spent at least $15,000.00 AUD in overseas marketing.
  • Must be able to prove expenditure and related activities.

What to expect

  • Free eligibility assessment.
  • Dedicated grants team when you engage us.
  • Preparation of the claims.
  • Lodgements of the claims.
  • Work with your accountants.
  • Guide you through the process.

Why choose us to help with your grant application

We have processed 200+ Australian Government Grants across research and development, and market exports. We have thorough understanding of the grant application process, transparent guidance, and a dedicated team of experts who can maximise your claim.

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We provide you with a dedicated grants team that drive the process from start to finish.

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Simple pricing model means our costs are built into the claim. No surprises, just transparency.

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We make the process quick and easy, no complicated forms or dealing with government bodies.

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Powered by a team of industry professionals. We have completed over 200+ combined grants.

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We have a 100% success rate. We review each grant opportunity and determine it's true face value.

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We work with your accountant (and speak their language) to help with the tax side of things.

Businesses we've helped

Our people have years of experience assisting all sorts of clients in a wide variety of industries. Our real world experience doesn’t just come from running a hot advisory or accounting firm. We’ve held positions in some of the world’s most recognised corporations and we’ve got the proverbial t-shirt to back our success. We do more than Australian Government grants, we offer an alliance.

Becci showed her company's innovative process, which was worthy of an EMDG and R&D Tax Incentive which gained them valuable cash resources.

Becci, Owner of The Tea Collective

Becci F. The Tea Collective

"We receive a lot of commmonly asked questions regarding our platform that was consuming too much time. Since using the AI components of the chatbot, we have dropped our FAQ by 55%."

Andrew from TalentSwot

Andrew R. TalentSwot

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