Agent Q WindowQualify new leads for your sales team

Provide onsite chat enabling any customer to become a lead. Our chat platform enables customers to receive answers to any product or service you provide. Escalation rules connect agents and artificial intelligence guides the customer in real-time.

Our chatbot will assist your agents by highlighting the most valuable leads based on their behaviour with suggested responses, reducing response time.



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Customised to your organisation and processes

From AI-powered natural language processing, customised bot skills and cloud platform integration, our chat platform is next-generation and a leader in bot technology all customised to suit your organisation and processes.



14-day free trial, month-by-month subscription, cancel at anytime.


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Answer Customer Questions

Customers demand fast responses, within 30 seconds to be precise. With a defined knowledge base and self-learning natural language processing, your customers get the answers they seek instantly.

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Empower The Sales Team

Qualify new leads 24/7, even when the sales team are asleep. Your AI-powered chatbot doesn't need to sleep. Customers can ask questions, request quotes or leave messages, all of which can be actioned from your website or app.

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Promote Self-Service

Reduce call volumes and email communication by building a knowledge base within the AI. Your bot will answer questions, learn how to process language naturally, and escalate to your human agent when needed.

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Hook Into Existing Systems

Our chatbot hooks into other platforms, allowing you to remain in control of processes and automation. Salesforce, HubSpot and Shopify integration allows streamlined lead management and support services.

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